Dark Side of Me

Kathia G. Reina Lograna


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At the beginning, the book was written for therapists who are just starting to learn how to work TF-CBT (Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Treatment), and it was an example for the beginners, showing them the essence of each step. But then I started using it as a tool with kids and adolescents during the sessions and also allowed parents to read it, so they will also have an idea of what is going to be the program that their child is going to confront. For the parents, some of them started sharing about previous traumatic events, expressing their feelings at the session and being able to understand more how their kids were feeling. It was a good connection between parents and children.Why I took a decision to entitle it Dark Side of Me is because the dark side of me is the dark part of every human being that they had been experiencing at some stage of their life which they don’t want to share or tell about and that marked their decisions and their behavior.