Faith Through the Storm

Major James Capers, Jr. and Buz Sawyers


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This is a book about war. A war against America’s enemies, against racism, against the loss of fellow warriors in battle, and against the personal loss of family back home. This is the story of Major James Capers, Jr. (USMC Ret.) Jim was born to a family of sharecroppers in South Carolina who escaped to Baltimore, Maryland in the dead of night to escape the days of Jim Crow laws for a better life. Joining the Marines fresh out of high school, Jim had no idea that he was paving the road for future Marines, black and white alike. The first African–American Marine to receive a battlefield commission as a member of 3rd Force Recon, a new special forces unit designed specifically for the war in Vietnam; the first African–American Marine officer used on a Marine recruitment poster; co–leader of the first special forces team to attempt the rescue of American and allied POW’s held in a North Vietnamese prison; a leader in Team Broadminded, whose missions were so secret, their military records from Vietnam were not declassified until 2006; nominated for the Medal of Honor; inducted into the Commando Hall of Honor for special forces; awarded the Bronze and the Silver Stars. This book is about a man who is a true American hero, though he denies the notion. Above all, Jim is a husband, a father, a patriot, a warrior who has dealt with the tragedies of his military and personal life, always depending on his faith in God to guide him through the storm.