Goal Setter

Dr. Rashad Vance


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Looking back, my life at school wasn’t quite easy for me. Sometimes I hated school, but I was so determined to wrestle at the division I level, that I worked as hard as I could in order to accomplish that goal. I hardly ever focused on my problems; For the most part, I focused on exerting myself in ways that set me aside and away from the rest. Upon earning my masters and doctoral degree, I had to work just as hard, if not, way harder than I had before. During this process, I had an epiphany. If I put forth the effort into excelling and keeping my mind focused on achieving my goals, then I could and would accomplish anything I’ve ever dreamt of.This book talks about how wrestling at the division 1 level prepared me to earn my doctorate degree and equipped me for success despite having to face many ongoing challenges. Today, I am an educator for the Baltimore City Public Schools System (BCPSS) and a mixed martial arts champion. Furthermore, I run multiple small businesses while I teach fitness and mixed martial arts lessons in my community; In addition to performing sports administration duties for Baltimore City Recreation and Parks. Early in life, I developed a work ethic and learned discipline coupled with delayed gratification. This has prepared me to get through school as a collegiate athlete and to also make hard sacrifices which allowed me to earn my doctorate degree. Also visit:Youtube channel:https://youtu.be/oamJoQjDvxcFacebook, & Twitter: Dr Rashad VanceInstagram: goalsetter155WebSite:www.goalsetterco.com