Grace for Sarah

Brenda M Lucus


It is 1973. Eighteen-year-old Sarah lived in a close-knit neighborhood where she had been the babysitter for many of the families around her since she was twelve. Everyone knew each other and waved from front porches and met at mailboxes for a chat. Family bonds were strong, and family rules were strict. Sarah went to church, studied hard in school, and obeyed her parents, until a decision on one night changed everything.There were no excuses; no discussion was even started. Sarah left, feeling shunned, abandoned by the very people she had depended on for her entire life. She left without her car and with only the few things she had thrown in a bag before she ran out the front door.What would happen to her? How would she live? Where would she go? Sarah is on her own at eighteen years old, trying to survive, making decisions that she had never had to make on her own. And things only get worse. Sarah’s faith is shaken to its core, but it is the only thing that keeps her alive. But forgiveness? Sarah did not see any chance of that happening.