Hidden Within

Craig Georgeff


Nine riveting stories filled with twists and turns that keep the reader enthralled and wanting to read another. Something ideal for that long flight or that evening read, each story offering actual settings and strangely familiar facts because they are based on actual events and criminal cases in the life of the author. Two accounts—”Respect” and “Liar, Liar”—closely chronicle criminal cases easily recognizable to those involved and setting forth the gritty realism of investigations and criminal trials and the resulting effects on those involved.”Something Remembered” is a touching story of lost loves that bring forth the feelings that scar the human spirit, but that somehow makes us whole. “Hidden,” “Alibi,” “Mountain Man,” and “A Coincidence” are intriguing stories that are wound into twisting plots that keep the reader guessing until the very conclusion. Each of these four stories incorporates actual occurrences and events, some recognizable to the public, and some known only to the few involved that brings suspense and intrigue to each in a unique way.”The Widow” is a touching story based on lost love set in a dying town and in the bleakness of winter. The setting for each of these stories is in Northern Michigan where the events actually occurred and incorporated the authentic and hardy attitudes of those who inhabit the backwoods, villages, and towns in the great forests and around the deep lakes well north of Detroit or Grand Rapids. “African Doctor” is loosely based on events in Eastern Africa involving a dedicated doctor in a refugee camp and the CIA operative assigned to rescue her.The distinct story line in each of these nine selections offers the reader a kaleidoscope of characters and plots that make this book appealing form cover to cover.