Hot Blooded

Karin Grace Wares


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A MODERN WOMAN’S VISION OF A BRAND NEW SEXUALITYHot Blooded combines an unexpected personal odyssey with frank social commentary, shining new light into old places to reveal the truth and the lies about sex. Discussing female sexuality in depth, offering a crisp, urgent perspective on feminism, and introducing compassionate sexual humanism, this book is an edgy, earnest call to action.The author’s own sexual history leads the way through an incisive conversation that identifies and unravels some of the most key features of today’s confused sexual culture, revealing how prevailing attitudes and conventions alienate us from our natural sexuality and bankrupt our essential humanity. For all genders, young and old, it’s an intimate, irreverent, and provocative pilgrimage back to our natural state—throwing off our clothes along the way—to achieve more vital expression, more honest relationships, and a more richly rewarding sexual experience.Hot Blooded chips away the crusty layers of orthodoxy to offer a garden-fresh view of sex as it was meant to be.View “Hot Blooded” on