Love Life is a Friend


The meaning of my writing is to decorate the heart of my friend readers with beautiful moments of life—LOVE, hope, happiness, psychology, and smile.You are my inspiration. You reflect me to sweeten my mind in order to write beautifully for life and for you with LOVE.I wish the poems will touch your souls as you read them and feel the height of psychology. The poems are life, enjoyment, and energy—but above all, LOVE, the most important part in our lives.LOVE is the best painkiller of the soul and the greatest happiness of hearts that offers daily the beauty in life, the goodness, and the respect for all the beautiful who give value, liveliness, and LOVE in our lives.If LOVE is the unique daylight in your soul, you have succeeded in equilibrating your spiritual world.The dreams are a great deal in our lives, such as our hearts, decorating the divine nature with perfumes, which come out of the beauty of the soul in the beautiful gift God has offered us to live in his paradise.Life is the gift of God before the eternity.I like to live, not only to exist.A great deal of thanks and LOVE you indicate in the poems and the beautiful daily offering in your life.My friends your LOVEcrown in your life.Happiness, care, and loving carewill live in your souls.The life is looking for you when you beautify your world.—Soulis