Murder Makes Music

David Schwinger


Tony Capadora was in big trouble. He had been charged with the shooting murder of pop singer/songwriter Filip Beron, and the evidence against Tony appeared to be overwhelming.To start, Tony had publicly accused Filip of taking credit for writing a hit song that Tony had actually composed. Then, the murder weapon had been found buried in Tony’s backyard. Finally, Filip had been able to write, in his loose-leaf, the first four letters of Tony’s last name, just before he died.Tony was innocent, but he had no alibi and very little hope of avoiding decades in prison. Then, superstar detective Amy Bell was hired to try to clear Tony and find the real killer. With the encouragement and assistance of her husband, Jeremy, Amy slowly but surely uncovered various aspects of Filip’s dark side. She identified many people who had reason to wish that Filip were dead.But it would take more than just finding other possible suspects to save Tony from the nearly airtight case against him. A police detective told Amy she was pursuing a ten-million-to-one long shot. But the vivacious and witty Amy was not one to give up, regardless of the odds.Author David Schwinger, when not writing Amy Bell mysteries–there are now eleven–enjoys composing songs, playing pickleball, and traveling the world with his wife, Sherryl. He first met Sherryl when she was his student in a mathematics class he taught at City College of New York. Their secret romance became the inspiration for his first Amy Bell mystery, The Teacher’s Pet Murders.