The Gathering

John Milor


The Gathering hides between the lines of Genesis 7:14–15; it is the epic backstory of the animal’s journey to Noah’s Ark. Those familiar with the Bible will find countless symbols, themes, and events drawn from Scripture, metaphorically portrayed throughout. The story begins with a remnant, the chosen among the species of the Earth, who are blessed with unique gifts for completing a perilous quest. Guided by their prophetic dreams, these animals sense they are on the edge of a great precipice. They heed a peculiar calling as they are drawn to a mysterious mountain, not fully aware of why they are going there.This story was written for parents to read to their children. It can also be used for Sunday school classes. Each chapter includes a colorful picture and commentary notes, spanning a total of fifty-two chapters. There are 471 commentary notes in all, referencing over 680 scriptures. Sunday school classes can cover one chapter per week as part of a one-year devotional.