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Beverly Blackman


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What does it take to be a hero?A ranch in Texas is hit by a tornado. What seems like a normal ranch however, isn’t. A space travel portal is in a large oak tree and is compromised in the storm. Through that tree, Earth was able to strike an alliance with another planet in another solar system. Now things could go very wrong, especially since Sam the tree is hurt in the storm and starts oozing special alien birthing fluids and portal chemicals.Who could help with this precarious situation? Could it be one of the humans who witnessed the formation of the intergalactic alliance just last Christmas? Or maybe the hero had to be someone who knew nothing about that tree and how it came to be. Maybe the best person to help was an outsider becoming an unsuspecting insider. Sometime we have to choose between family and the greater good. What would you do? Read to see what happens to a special family and friends on a ranch in the heart of Texas.