The Instructor

Beverly Blackman


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There has been a breakdown in trust between two planets, Earth and Xeracik (pronounced Zerasic). What can be done to mend the rift? The friendly alliance between the two planets has been threatened. Will starting an Earth school classroom on Xeracik be a way to fix the problem? What if a first day of school means interacting with aliens? What if the ability of the aliens is much higher and much more intelligent than the ability of the Earth students?How the citizens of the two planets try to understand each other is important and well meaning. Can ETs change into Earth life–forms? Can they invade human dreams? What happens when you touch a Xeracikean? What if the aliens are trying to learn more about Earth so Earth can be their new home? Xeracik has become very unstable. The surface of this planet has become worse than any earthquake or active volcano on Earth, so the normally peaceful Xeracik may think they have a reason to become aggressive. Besides, Earth is a lower form of intelligence, so maybe they feel justified to take over the Earth and make it their new home.How would you feel if the future of our planet was dependent upon how you get along with your alien friend? Sometimes, we just have to trust that things will work out. Sometimes, we have to trust what we don’t understand. Sometimes, we just dig in and do the best we can.