The Sigmas of Midon

Nikki Anne Ellison


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The eleven girls of the Sigma Beta Pi Sorority at Midon University are different from many other sorority girls; their cleanly lived lives and irrepressible happiness make it easy for them to keep their sororal mission of helping as many people as possible. Whit, Bree, Pakwa, Embry, Tia, Rosie, Rachel, Andrea, Jamila, Mei, and Maggie are as varied as they are similar. Some have magic, some talk to animals, and one of them is trying to break a spell. Some can cook, some can sing, and one can shoot arrows off a jumping horse. One can fight, one is good at languages, and most have boyfriends whom they adore. And when the neighboring sorority and fraternity are suspected of illegal activities, the Sigmas work together to expose them. But darker forces are at work at Midon, and most of the Sigmas are kidnapped by practitioners of Black Magic who are out for revenge. It’s now up to the remaining Sigmas to free them, even as more and more of them are taken. But time is running out for rescue as the captive Sigmas are being beaten, placed under spells, or left to starve.Ever wonder what would happen if all the famous fairy tale princesses were friends? Drawing from Grimm, Anderson, and others, this mixed–up fairy tale tells the story of eleven girls who love who they are and who always try to do the right thing, even in the face of intense opposition.