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Chrissy?s life was one you would read about. Loving parents and a brother who adored her as she did him. A lifelong group of devoted and caring friends. A recent graduation at the top of her class. And now she was embarking on a promising future in accounting.Then came Ryan, quite literally the boy next door.With this relationship her whole life started to unravel.All seemed fine until that fatal day she realized her feelings had blinded her from the reality of his true identity. That was the day that fairy-tale life took a sudden terrifying turn.Not knowing how truly bad the situation was or how involved her part played into it, Chrissy felt the only option left now was to go on the run?only to find that every road she took led her to added fear and a further downward spiral, leaving Chrissy with the constant nagging thought: would she ever be able to go home again?